Sage & Juniper Smudge

Sage & Juniper Smudge
Item# smudgestick

Product Description

To smudge is to purify with smoke. Purifying with the fragrant aroma of herbs has been practiced for centuries. Smudge yourself, your home, the objects you give away and receive. Sage draws out the negative energy and the other herbs attract positive energy as it purifies and protects.

The herbs in these smudge wands are wrapped in 100% cotton string. Because they are foraged, rolled, trimmed, and packaged by hand slight differences may occur.

To use the smudge, light the pointed end of the stick. Once ignited, blow gently on the ember to produce a good amount of smoke. Walk around with the stick allowing the smoke to connect with the area you are smudging. When done extinguish the stick in sand or wrap in foil to use again.