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Hoopin' Babes

Posted by Suzy on

If you are looking to shop around in and support small businesses, then look no further...Hip Mountain Mama is about as small as they come.  It may seem like there is a team of people behind the scenes at HMM, but that's just no' s just me here..Hello, High Five!  It's a lot of work...ordering product, photographing product, uploading product, writing descriptions, answering emails, shipping orders, updating the website, keeping up with social media, writing this very blog post, and more boring stuff like taxes, yuck.  But I do it, and I do it well because I am dedicated to providing excellent customer service while offering the most unique and funky items.  I want you, and everyone in the world, to express be happy with who you get funky and groovy and silly.  And I want you, and everyone in the world, to accept each other for who we are.  If you are reading this, then make this your mission...let your freak flag fly while allowing others to do the same without judgment!  Now, back to the point...

One way I reach out for help is to ask friends and even strangers (who become friends very quickly...cuz, you know, if you like HMM merchandise then you must be cool) to take photos of themselves wearing clothing from my store.   I use these photos to post in my shop and all around facebook, instagram, etc. so you can see what my items look like on a variety of people which helps you to decide if the item will work for you or not. 

I recently hooked up with 2 lovely ladies from Tennessee and their amazing photographer brother and they have helped me out tremendously!  I send them clothing and they do these funky awesome photo shoots and let me use the photos! It's a win win win situation for everyone involved!  Have a look around the shop and see if you can spot these gorgeous hoopin' babes modelling.

Photo Cred: Aric Morgan Photography