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Treating Frozen Shoulder Naturally

Posted by suzy on

After having shoulder pain since my early 30's, at age 42, I finally decided to have shoulder surgery to fix my torn labrum and to shave a bone spur. I was so excited about the possibility of living pain free! I wasn't nervous at all about the surgery and everything went as smooth as possible. I wore my sling for the first 6 weeks and was diligent about doing my PT exercises. After 6 weeks I stopped wearing my sling and that's when the pain and stiffness set in. The pain was so bad I couldn't sleep and was taking a lot of pain meds. My PT exercises hurt really bad and I could barely do them. I figured this was normal recovery, until I was told I had the dreaded frozen shoulder and that's what was causing the pain. UGH! Frozen shoulder was something I was trying so hard to alas my body sensed me constantly worrying about getting frozen shoulder and thought...oh, she wants frozen I got it...and I got it bad! The pain was unbearable from my shoulder all the way down my biceps tendon...did I mention I wasn't sleeping well at all! I was in pain, cranky, depressed, and miserable to be around. All this on top of not having a functional right arm (I became a very good lefty). 

My options were to go back under and have the surgeon manipulate my arm to basically force it into movement, then do PT exercises all day every day for about 2 weeks. Or, take the slow route and continue with my exercises...I chose the slow route. But I had to manage this pain! I found some topical extra strength salve that had CBD oil as well as other healing ingredients in it. It was $80, but I was willing to pay the price for something natural that worked. This product worked so well, that I decided to carry it in my shop. You can find it here  The ingredients in this product are amazing and lessened my pain significantly! So much that I was able to do my exercises with way less pain and eventually break free from my frozen shoulder. 

Some other natural healing activities I did that helped were tons of restorative yoga (1-2 times a week), meditation and visualization (I would visualize my arm with full range of motion), lots of stretching, acupuncture, micro current, as well as supplements such as Curcumin, Fish Oil, and a high quality daily vitamin. 

If you every develop frozen shoulder my advice to you is to be patient. Understand that your body is going through this for a reason, although you might not know the reason for a long while later. I believe I went through this so I could learn patience and help others. Move your shoulder as much as possible. Surround yourself with positive people and situations. Eat healthy and take vitamins. Stay the won't be frozen forever, but it might take a few months!