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Turquoise Mala Bracelet


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Malas are usually used by Buddhists around the world, especially in Tibet, Nepal and India for meditation and counting mantras. Malas are worn on the left wrist while not in use. Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. It is a valued power stone. Turquoise is a strengthening stone, good for exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks. It enhances physical and psychic immune systems, supporting the assimilation of nutrients, alleviating pollution and viral infections. It is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, reducing excess acidity and benefiting gout, rheumatism, and the stomach.It will strengthen and align all of the Chakras; and it can be used to cleanse your energy centers. As a meditation tool, the gem can assist in clearing your mind, opening you to the Universal All. Use Turquoise to attune to the spiritual plane or provide protection during vision quests or astral travel.

To use for mantra meditation, first think of a matra you want to use. It can be in Sanskrit or English such as OM, OM Namah Shivaya, or I am love, peace, or any other word you called to. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and your mala in one hand placing the first bead between the thumb and one of your other fingers. Recite your mantra once, then move the bead with your thumb and finger towards you so you are now holding onto a new bead. Continue to recite your mantra silently to yourself for each bead. When you come to the end of the mala you can stop or you can turn it around and do another round of mantras. 

Made in Nepal. Fair Trade. 

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