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5 Reasons You Should be Rockin' Bell Bottoms

Posted by suzy on

1. They are flattering on ALL body types. Unlike the skinny jean craze that doesn't always work for all body types, bell bottoms look amazing on everyone! A little hug in the hips/booty area, then some groovy flare from the knee down compliments everyone from the flat butts to the bootilicious. 

2. They look amazing with all of your shoes! Flip flops, boots, wedges, flats, chucks, burkenstocks...whatever you've got in the closet will go with bell bottoms. My personal favorite...bare feet! 

3. They originated in the coolest decade ever. Let's face it, the 70's era produced some really fun styles that we still cling to today. Bell bottoms, tie dye, afros, big sunglasses, leisure suits...ALL cool! 

4. You can wear them for any occasion. Bell bottoms can be dressed up with a nice blouse and heals for the office...then for some after work fun, switch it up to a tank top and funky wedges and hit the town. My personal favorite...pair them with a vintage tee shirt and flip flops (or bare feet). 

5. Did I mention they look good on everyone! 

Need a place to start? Check out my bell bottoms here... And then go rock them!!