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Hip Mountain Mama Customer Reviews [GIVEAWAY!]

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When you shop online for anything, including hippie and boho style clothing you likely look for reviews. Customer reviews are vital to the online shopping experience. We have worked hard to make Hip Mountain Mama the best online hippie clothing store since we opened for business in 2008. But this hard work doesn't do any good unless our customers share their experience with others.

While we have many excellent customer reviews posted to Facebook and Google, we know we have more happy customers who can share their Hip Mountain Mama shopping experiences. As important as these reviews are to online stores, many people don't take the time to leave reviews. We understand it takes 2 minutes out of your busy day and that is why we want to give you an incentive.

Over the next week, we are offering a giveaway. Leave Hip Mountain Mama a review on Google and we'll enter you for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card to the store. Follow the link below, leave an honest review and you'll have a chance to win $50 to Hip Mountain Mama.

Review Giveaway


1. You must be a real customer of Hip Mountain Mama. We are in no way trying to get fake reviews. If you haven't ordered from us, don't leave a review. Please be honest. He pride ourselves on cute styles and high quality products, excellent customer service and super fast shipping. Please comment on how we do with these items or anything else you see is relevant. 

2. One review place now through 10/16 will be randomly chosen to receive a $50 gift card to Hip Mountain Mama. Winner will be announced on this blog page and on our Facebook Page. 

Get Started NOW! Click the Google Icon to Start Your Hip Mountain Mama Review:


Don't have a Google Account? That's cool. Please leave us a review here instead: Top Rated eCommerce Reviews

Hip Mountain Models

Hip Mountain Mama takes pride in providing our own photography of products. As a small business owner I do still rely on stock and model photos taken by other companies, but I try my best to get alternative shots of every item I bring into the shop. Why bother? Good is really easy to just [...]

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Triple Moon Goddess

The Triple Moon symbol represents the Goddess stages. The 3 different moon cycles (waxing, full, and waning) symbolize intuition, creative energy, and wisdom. The waxing moon stands for the Maiden ~ purity, youth, new life, beginnings, rejuvenation, excitement, enchantment and expansion. The full moon represents the Mother ~fulfillment, fertility, ripeness, potency, compassion, giving, caring, nurturing, [...]

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Hip Mountain Kids

As you may have noticed, Hip Mountain Mama is a true family business. I run most of the day to day business, but I couldn't do it without the help of my husband and kids. When I started the business my girls were 1 and they are 11 and 14! They have grown up [...]

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How Hip Mountain Mama has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

I love change! It might be because I moved around a bit growing up and got to experience how fun it is to be in a new town, make new friends, and reinvent your surroundings. Having my own shop has been the perfect job for me to express my creativity and change things around whenever [...]

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How Hip Mountain Mama was Created

As we celebrate 10 years of Hip Mountain Mama I wanted to write a few blog posts to give you an inside peek into the operation. It seems only fitting to start at the beginning, so here it goes....In the summer of 2008, my kids were small (4 & 1) and my dreams were big. [...]

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Why Natural Skin Care?

Your skin is your largest organ absorbing everything it comes into contact with. Think about all of the products you put on your skin every day. Sunscreen, moisturizer, cleanser, soap, make up, chap stick, lotion, etc! Every single ingredient in every single product you use is absorbed into your body, and that really adds up [...]

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Anahata ~ Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is located within your heart and is connected to love, compassion, harmony, and peace. If you are feeling unable to give or receive love or show compassion, your heart chakra might be blocked. It might be blocked from something that happened recently or many years ago. If your heart chakra is out [...]

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5 Reasons You Should be Rockin' Bell Bottoms

1. They are flattering on ALL body types. Unlike the skinny jean craze that doesn't always work for all body types, bell bottoms look amazing on everyone! A little hug in the hips/booty area, then some groovy flare from the knee down compliments everyone from the flat butts to the bootilicious. 2. They look amazing with [...]

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April Goals ✨

A new month, a new attitude. Make it your intention to let your soul shine, be here now, and always choose love. Happy April friends :) 

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