Benefits of CBD Oil

Benefits of CBD Oil

suzy on Feb 5th 2019

By now you have heard of CBD or Hemp Oil. It's everywhere. You can take it as a supplement or even use it in your skin and hair care. Everyone is raving about it so when my acupuncturist suggested I use it during my shoulder surgery recovery I was on board.  

About 6 weeks after my surgery I developed frozen shoulder and was in major pain and discomfort so, even though I am very natural minded when it comes to medicine, I was taking ibuprofen multiple times a day. It took the pain away, helped me sleep, and made me a happier person in general. BUT....I was putting this drug into my body at least 3 times a day and was wrecking my stomach in the process...just to function as a normal human being. Frozen shoulder takes a LONG time to heal so I wasn't too happy about this as a long term solution. 

The day I bought a bottle of CBD Oil I stopped taking ibuprofen all together and started taking CBD 3 times a day. To my surprise, delight, and amazement this plant based product worked just as well, if not better than the ibuprofen. What? How can this be? I was hooked...not only was I relieved of pain, but I was sleeping better, my mood was elevated, I had more energy, and felt more focused and relaxed at work. My foggy head cleared and I started feeling like a "normal" person. 

Fast forward a month and my frozen shoulder pain had decreased a lot so I stopped taking the hemp oil.  After a couple of weeks I really noticed the difference in my overall health when I wasn't taking the oil. So I bought another bottle and I never looked back. I'm such a believer in it that I now sell it. I have sold it to multiple people who have said it's helped with their arthritis, anxiety, inability to focus, inflammation, pain management, and provided a general feeling of well being. It brings your body back to homeostasis. The hemp plant is natural and we are meant to consume it. We have a cannabinoid system in our bodies just like the hemp plant does. It's incredible. 

I encourage you to do some research to see if it is right for you. And if you are interested in trying it you can purchase from my website here And the cool thing about this company is if you feel called to, you can become an affiliate and sell it yourself. Feel free to email me if you have any questions