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Super Full Moon November 2016

Who else is feeling the super moon's powerful energy. Now is a great time to use this energy for emotional healing and letting go. Allow the light to reveal old heavy energies as well as your deep desires and higher calling. Accept and love everything this magnificent light brings up, then let go of what [...]

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Hippie & Boho Style Clothing Reviews

Buying boho style clothing online can be difficult. The hippie style clothing isn't made by mainstream brands. This clothing is made by many small businesses and that means you aren't sure of the quality or how it will fit. Hip Mountain Mama has a lot of hippie clothing reviews in our online store and our [...]

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Smudge Spray

We can't help but absorb everything around us...the good, the bad, the positive, and the negative.  All of it seeps into our pours and without even realizing it, we are affected. It can change our mood in a good or a bad way, it can affect the way we treat others, it can even change [...]

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Patchwork Skirt Product Reviews

Have you been checking out all of the Hip Mountain Mama products reviews? Yeah, our website has the ability for you to review the cute hippie and boho style clothing, jewelry and gifts that you purchase from us. The reviews are available right on the product page right below the product descriptions. Simply click on [...]

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Be Kind

Be Kind! Yes, it's that simple. Being kind is such an important part of being a human being.  Kindness has so much power and influence.  We are just a bunch of humans walking around on this planet trying to make sense of everything. So many things make no sense.  Our own emotions don't even make [...]

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Summer Jewelry

Let's face it, everyone loves jewelry! An easy way to add your own twist on any style.  I love to dress comfy and casual on a day to day basis...jeans and a t-shirt are my absolute fave.  Throwing on a few rings and a long necklace, maybe a few bracelets can add so much beauty [...]

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Patchouli brings about happy peaceful feelings for most. Although patchouli has been used for thousands of years, most of us associate it with the 60’s and 70’s hippie movement. Some people love it, some people hate it, but patchouli has many uses and can be very beneficial. What Is Patchouli Oil?Patchouli oil is [...]

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Ladies Love Outlaws

Let’s face it…there is something super sexy about an outlaw. Maybe not someone we want to settle down with, but we are all routing for the outlaws! The Ladies Love Outlaws Tee is a shirt every gal can connect with. Wild girls, shy girls, proper girls, party girls….this tee is for you! [...]

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What Should You Have in Your Closet?

We are coming into spring and everyone loves to shop in the spring.  With cute summer dresses, tank tops, and bell bottoms, spring fashion is so much fun.  So, what should you have in your closet to make for an easy and fun spring/summer season?  Here are a few staples everyone should have on hand1. [...]

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