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How Hip Mountain Mama has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

Posted by Suzy on

I love change! It might be because I moved around a bit growing up and got to experience how fun it is to be in a new town, make new friends, and reinvent your surroundings. Having my own shop has been the perfect job for me to express my creativity and change things around whenever there is a need. 

As you know from my last blog post here, Hip Mountain Mama started out as a shop for natural products for kids and mamas. I loved being able to carry products that I personally used and loved with my kids. You may remember Sarah Silks, Stockmar natural crayons, baby legs, play stands....these are all items that we carried in the beginning. I slowly brought in some clothing, jewelry, and bags for women starting out with handmade one of a kind items made by friends. Then I brought in some more affordable fair trade clothing and people went nuts. 

I was, and still am, passionate about sustainable living so I really wanted to incorporate this into my business. I started bringing in reusable products such as straws, lunch sacks, and silverware. We would make you tube videos on ways to go green featuring products from the shop and even started a One Small Change campaign encouraging people to make eco friendly changes. I loved this part of my business and was able to get the kids involved while spread a positive message. 

After a couple of years of selling natural kids toys/clothing, women's clothing/jewelry/accessories, and reusable products it started to feel like I was all over the place. I wanted to narrow things down and make things a bit easier. I am, after all, a one woman operation and simplifying seemed like the way to go. 

 I started to notice that women's clothing and accessories sold really well, all year long, while the other products would sell much more sporadically. So it seemed obvious to me the direction Hip Mountain Mama should take. Over the next couple of years I made the decision to phase out the toys and reusable products and stick with what was selling best....women's clothing. I wanted to continue to carry it all, but it was something I had to come to terms with as small business owner and in the end I am truly happy with the direction my shop has taken.

Since then I have continued to carry eco friendly, handmade, and fair trade clothing and accessories. I enjoy working with other small businesses (some times even a simple Ma and Pa team making tee shirts out of their garage) to fill my shop with unique and fun items for you. My customers are amazing and I truly LOVE my job! 

Stay tuned to tomorrows blog post for more inside scoop on Hip Mountain Mama :)