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Model Search 2019

Posted by suzy on

Have a nice camera? Have a creative eye? Love Hip Mountain Mama? If you answered yes to all 3, read on...

Hip Mountain Mama is looking for a couple of new amazing models to showcase HMM clothing. Here is how it works...I send you Hip Mountain Mama clothing, you set up a photo shoot with yourself or friends wearing the clothing, capture some creative shots, email me the keep the clothes! If this sounds good to you, please email Include some example photos of what I can expect from you and if you have IG please include your handle. Please only serious and committed people! Below are some examples of what I am looking for. 

Hip Mountain Models

Hip Mountain Mama takes pride in providing our own photography of products. As a small business owner I do still rely on stock and model photos taken by other companies, but I try my best to get alternative shots of every item I bring into the shop. Why bother? Good is really easy to just [...]

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Hip Mountain Kids

As you may have noticed, Hip Mountain Mama is a true family business. I run most of the day to day business, but I couldn't do it without the help of my husband and kids. When I started the business my girls were 1 and they are 11 and 14! They have grown up [...]

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How Hip Mountain Mama has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

I love change! It might be because I moved around a bit growing up and got to experience how fun it is to be in a new town, make new friends, and reinvent your surroundings. Having my own shop has been the perfect job for me to express my creativity and change things around whenever [...]

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How Hip Mountain Mama was Created

As we celebrate 10 years of Hip Mountain Mama I wanted to write a few blog posts to give you an inside peek into the operation. It seems only fitting to start at the beginning, so here it goes....In the summer of 2008, my kids were small (4 & 1) and my dreams were big. [...]

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Beautiful Hippie & Boho Style Clothing Gifts

The holiday season is upon us. It's time to think about buying gifts for all of the people on your list. We'd like to make a few suggestions for some funky and unique styles for the hippie or free spirit on your shopping list. Hip Mountain Mama has been spreading the hippie and boho vibes [...]

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HMM on Instagram

Want to go on a more personal journey with Hip Mountain Mama? Come follow me on's so much fun!

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New Vintage Tees

I am so excited about these new vintage tees!  Made in the USA by another bad ass small women owned business!  These tees go great with anything from a pair of cut offs to one of my patchwork skirts or tie dye pants.  Find the perfect outfit without leaving Hip Mountain Mama.  With sayings like 'I'm Looking for Trouble" [...]

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