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How Hip Mountain Mama was Created

Posted by Suzy on

As we celebrate 10 years of Hip Mountain Mama I wanted to write a few blog posts to give you an inside peek into the operation. It seems only fitting to start at the beginning, so here it goes....

In the summer of 2008, my kids were small (4 & 1) and my dreams were big. I was a stay at home mom who dabbled in a few business ventures including helping a couple of other women with their on line businesses. My entrepreneurial spirit was always itching to start something of my own....but what? I had so many ideas roaming around my head, then one day I decided to stop dreaming and pluck one of those ideas and go for it. I literally sat down with my husband and created a plan to start an online shop selling natural products for moms and kids. We brainstormed for hours to come up with a name that was fitting...I can still remember the entire process! Hip Mountain Mama was created out of that brainstorming session and I went full speed ahead from there. Registered the name, started building a website, and (then the fun part) started filling my shop with natural products that I had personally used and loved over the years. We started with natural toys, play silks, and organic clothing for the kids and bags, skin care, hemp clothing and handmade accessories for the Mamas. 

 Now came the marketing.....there was no social media at the time, so we did a lot of grassroots marketing and figured things out as we went. And as it turned out, we were pretty good at this. Orders started coming in and every month the orders grew and it was really a lot of fun. You might be wondering why Hip Mountain Mama sells mostly women's clothing now and virtually nothing for kids....well stay tuned to tomorrow's post and I will take you on a journey of how my business has changed over the years.