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Posted by Suzy on

Hip Mountain Mama takes pride in providing our own photography of products. As a small business owner I do still rely on stock and model photos taken by other companies, but I try my best to get alternative shots of every item I bring into the shop. 

Why bother? Good is really easy to just use other photos, but I want to create a unique shop and shopping experience for my customers. I want you to see the clothing I carry on more than just the original models...because most of aren't models. Although the girls I use take amazingly creative photos, they are just regular people who go out and have a fun photo shoot here and there. My hope is that you will get a better idea of what the item might look like on you and help you to make an informed decision on sizing and which items will work for you.  

Who are these models? The models you see in most of the photos in my shop are Hip Mountain Mama customers, just like you. They receive clothing in exchange for quality and creative shots of them wearing HMM gear. They are all so much fun and have a knack for showcasing my clothing in unique and practical ways.  Some gals come and go, but I have had a few stick around for years and they are always willing to help me. I'm SO lucky!

How do I become a Hip Mountain Mama Model? I am always looking for a few new gems to help out. If you are reliable, creative, have a passion for modeling and photography, feel free to reach out. You can send an email to and please include your IG handle and a few of your favorite photos.