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Hip Mountain Kids

Posted by Suzy on

As you may have noticed, Hip Mountain Mama is a true family business. I run most of the day to day business, but I couldn't do it without the help of my husband and kids. When I started the business my girls were 1 and they are 11 and 14! They have grown up with the business. They got to sample the toys and clothing in the early days and now my 14 year old is modeling clothing for me. 

Like I said I run most of the business...from ordering, to shipping, to customer service, to marketing, and everything in between...I am behind it all. I recently had shoulder surgery (3 weeks ago) and the outcome was a much longer healing time frame than I was hoping for. For the first 2 weeks, I basically couldn't run the day to day operations of the biz. Luckily my kids are on summer vacation and they are home during the day to help. I took this opportunity to teach them how shipping works. They were very enthusiastic to learn and have done an amazing job packaging up your orders, printing labels, and even bringing it to the post office for me. 

It's been an amazing experience for my girls to grow up with Hip Mountain Mama. It's taught them that running your own business is hard work, takes dedication, attention to detail and that it can be a ton of fun. I truly hope that it helps them when they make decisions in school, work, and life in general. 

Thank you for supporting my family business! These girls appreciate it :)