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What Should You Have in Your Closet?

Posted by suzy on

We are coming into spring and everyone loves to shop in the spring.  With cute summer dresses, tank tops, and bell bottoms, spring fashion is so much fun.  So, what should you have in your closet to make for an easy and fun spring/summer season?  Here are a few staples everyone should have on hand

1. A good pair of jeans...if you're lucky 2 pairs.  Find some flattering and comfortable jeans that you can grab any time and know you will look good.  If you can find a pair for a good price, great, but if you have to splurge, go for it. Jeans are worth the money as they last a long time and they go with everything. (I love American Eagle Jeans, they are affordable and fit my shape). 

2. Solid color tank tops.  Get a few in neutral colors that will go with and white or grey are perfect. They go with everything from your perfect pair of jeans to all of your colorful bottoms.  And they are so easy to accessorize!  

3. Jean shorts...just like jeans these are worth splurging on as you will get a ton of wear. Or take an old pair of jeans you don't wear anymore and cut them into shorts!

4. A pair of sandals.  Flip flops, rope sandals, whatever you prefer that is easy to throw on, comfy, and goes with everything.

5. Solid color maxi skirt.  The perfect item to pair with all of your tops!

6. A few tees.  Find some with cool designs that resonate with you. 

7. Summer dress...short or long, colorful or solid color, a summer dress or 2 is a must.  Easy to throw on as is or add some accessories to spice up your look. 

These are staples...must haves...once you have these items then you can have some fun!  

~Get a few pieces of fun jewelry...a big ring, a long necklace, a few bracelets.  Jewelry spices up every outfit whether you are wearing your jeans with a solid color tank or your maxi skirt with your favorite tee.  And you don't need to go crazy and have tons of jewelry...wear the same long necklace all summer long!

~Get some colorful bell bottoms.  Now that you have your solid color tanks or a favorite tee shirt, add some groovy bell bottoms and you've got a really fun outfit....don't forget to throw on your new necklace as well!

~Pattern tank top or crop top.  These look great when paired with your solid maxi skirt or jean shorts. 

~Colorful Skirts!  Add in a patchwork skirt or tie dye skirt that will look great with a solid tank or vintage tee.

~Cardigan or Kimono.  It gets chilly some days or evenings so adding either a plain or colorful cardigan is great for keeping warm and adding some pizzazz to your outfit. 

For your jeans and jean shorts, you will have to hit the mall, but everything else here can be found in my shop.  Find some goodies that can make getting dressed easier while you express your individual style. Mix and match and have a blast! Happy shopping :)