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10 Ways to Become a Peace Warrior

Posted by suzy on

I just got a shipment in of hoodies and tanks that say "Peace Warrior" on them.  I was drawn to the simple statement and enjoy filling the shop with positive messages such as this.  When I put on the hoodie I instantly felt the desire to create peace all day long.  I wanted to be a Peace Warrior!  So how can we all become peace warriors and create a better world for all? Here are a few thoughts....

1. Open the door for anyone and everyone.  At the bank, gym, school...wherever you are, just hold the door open for whomever is behind you.  Such a simple act can really brighten someones day.

2. Smile! Mother Teresa knows best with her quote "Peace begins with a smile."  When people see you smiling it will make them happy...and it will make you happy.  Happiness is peace.  So go ahead and smile any time you make eye contact...just do it! :) 

3. Send flowers.  Receiving flowers unexpectedly is such a rush.  Create that amazing peaceful feeling for a friend or stranger by sending a few simple flowers...go one step further and include a card letting them know what you love about them. 

4. Take someones grocery cart. One day I was putting groceries in the back of the car and when I was done a man came up and offered to take my grocery cart.  Since then I have made a habit of doing this and it makes people smile...which makes people happy...which creates peace!  So, do it :) 

5. Pay it forward.  Pay for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop or bakery. What a great way to surprise someone and truly make their day.  I can't imagine the rest of your day not being amazing after having a stranger unexpectedly buy you coffee.  

6. Write a note to an old friend, or a new friend.  Reach out via email, text, old fashion letter, or call (do people still call these days?).  If you are thinking about someone. let them know with a quick note.  It always feels good to know someone cares. 

7. Give a big tip!  Most of us go places at least a few times a month where we are waited on by another human.  These humans work hard to make sure we have a pleasant experience.  Whether you are grabbing a quick coffee or dining out, leave a little, or a lot, extra tip.  You have the power to make someones day with just a few extra bucks. 

8. Compliment!  If you like something, say so!  It's so easy and it's just a few words...hey I like your shirt...what a pretty smile you're such a great mom.  It's an easy act that can brighten someones day.  

9. Listen.  Really listen to people when they are talking to you.  Put down your phone, forget about what you want to say next, and just listen.  A kind ear is worth so much and can create so much peace.  When we are listened to we feel respected and happy which leads to peace. 

10. Be a considerate driver.  If you see someone who needs to get into your lane, let them.  Leave the road rage behind and be kind whenever possible.  Your calm and kind driving attitude will rub off on other drivers creating peaceful roads.