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Be Kind

Posted by suzy on

Be Kind! Yes, it's that simple. Being kind is such an important part of being a human being.  Kindness has so much power and influence.  We are just a bunch of humans walking around on this planet trying to make sense of everything. So many things make no sense.  Our own emotions don't even make sense some days. However, being kind makes sense! Some times it's hard to be kind...when someone is mean to you or you are feeling angry, tired, defeated...then it's hard! But we can still make a choice to smile or lend a helping hand. Being kind spreads love and happiness.  When you are kind to someone else you make them that is real power!  When you listen to a friend or hold the door open for the person behind you or smile at a stranger, YOU are making the world a better place. Try everyone....and everything...start now!