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Creating an Altar

Posted by suzy on

An altar is a special and sacred area filled with beautiful items that can be used for many things from meditation to chanting. To create your altar find a small space on a table, desk, or any hard surface in your home that you can dedicate solely to your sacred space. Preferably it is a place that you walk by or see several times a day to remind yourself to slow down and honor your divinity. Fill this space with items that are sacred to you. Crystals, statues, malas, candles, incense, shells, feathers, or anything you feel connected to. 

Now that you have your sacred space, use it to create positive energy every time you gather near it. Light a candle or incense. Meditate, journal, chant, or create an intention near your altar. Whenever you spend time with your altar you raise the vibrational energy which can be soaked up every time you or anyone passes by it. Try to make it a daily ritual to be with your altar and you will find yourself more at peace.