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Harvest Moon October 2017

Posted by suzy on

In this time of insane turmoil, the beautiful moon brings me peace and keeps me grounded. Yes, the moon is super far away, but it somehow keeps my head out of the clouds and my feet connected to the earth. It's a constant reminder that the universe is working just as it should and that's a major calming factor when the rest of the world is going nuts. It's so easy to track moon cycles these days with apps and online charts that anyone can tune in to the moon's energy. The day I look up to the sky and see no moon when it's supposed to be there, then I will freak out...apocalypse bring it on. But seriously, to have 1 constant thing to depend on these days is huge! So, thank you moon!!

This month the full moon is on October 5th and is called the Harvest Moon (the closest full moon to the Fall Equinox). Seasons are changing, crops are ready to be harvested, and it's time to figure some things out. It's time to turn inward and reflect on the year so far. What have you been working on that is ready to be harvested? What still needs to be done? Reflect on all of the things you want to manifest and bring them to the surface. Make that phone call, send that email, join that gym....take 1 (or 6) steps closer to reaching the goals you set for year. October is a great month to work on you, because let's face it, once November hits, shit gets crazy! 

Here's your reminder to at least peek at this month's full moon. Have a look, think some thoughts, take a deep breath, smile (the moon makes me smile) and give thanks for all that you have.