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Hippie Style Headbands

Posted by Andy on

When it comes to fun and cute style, nothing compliments beautiful fall fashions like a hippie headband. Free spirits know that adding a boho style headband pulls together any outfit plus they're so cute and fun to wear. A tubular headband is easy to slip on or even take off and stash in your purse if necessary. 

Hippie style head bands can be bright in color with fun designs printed on them or they can be tie dyed or you can find them a more neutral color. At Hip Mountain Mama we like to accessorize with hippie headbands, especially this new Tie Dye Diamond Headband.

Another one of our favorite boho style headbands is this Yellow Flowers Tubular Headband:

Obviously, these are only a few of the totally cute hippie headbands available at your favorite online hippie store, Hip Mountain Mama. Which is your favorite? What do you look for when shopping for the perfect headband?