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Macrame Plant Hangers

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Several years ago (pre children) I got really interested in macrame. I would make hemp necklaces for all my friends and started to think about other items I could make using macrame. My Mother in Law saw my excitement and gifted me the 1978 "Macrame for All Seasons" book filled with 50 macrame projects! I quickly ran out and bought some thicker hemp and some jute and got to work.I was really interested in the plant hangers because it is something that is so useful. I started making plant hanger after plant hanger, gifting them to friends and family and filling my home with them.

I recently got my macrame book out and started working on some more hangers. I was so excited to re discover an old craft that I loved so much!

If you are looking for a break from knitting, sewing, felting, or whatever it is that you really enjoy...give macrame a try. It is easy, fun, fast, and satisfying!

Here are a few on line resources for how to and patterns for macrame projects
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