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Smudge Spray

Posted by Suzy on

We can't help but absorb everything around us...the good, the bad, the positive, and the negative.  All of it seeps into our pours and without even realizing it, we are affected. It can change our mood in a good or a bad way, it can affect the way we treat others, it can even change the way we treat ourselves.  Think about it...when we are around kind and positive people we take that energy with us and it's amazing.  When someone is mean or negative, we walk away feeling depleted and sad. It's important to try and stay away from negativity, but it's impossible to shield yourself entirely.  That's where smudging comes in! The smudge spray has clearing and cleansing essential oils that can help purify yourself or any space that needs it.  As you spray, set your intentions to release any toxic energy that has been absorbed. Take some deep breaths and feel the beautiful new energy around you. You can spray yourself, linens, or any room that needs a little clearing.  Great to use after moving furniture, when moving into a new office or home, at a camp site, before a concert, after a bad day at the office, any time you are feeling down, before and/or after having a hard conversation with a loved one, when you feel creatively stuck, or any time you just need a boost or some movement or to leave negative thoughts/actions behind to move forward.  Shop here!