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Mad Hippie Skin Care

Posted by Suzy on

I had never been a gal who committed to her facial creams. I would buy whatever I could find that was natural and on sale. For this reason I hopped around from product to product and sadly had never found something worth sticking with. All of this changed when I discovered Mad Hippie products in 2011. I stumbled upon them while searching the web one day and was drawn to the name first...then after reading more about them I was even more intrigued. A small all natural skin care company who cares about creating the safest, most effective products by using science and Mother Nature. They leave out harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic color, and synthetic fragrance! Their products help your skin achieve true harmony!  And they are affordable!

Now all of this sounds great, but I had to put these products to the test! I tried their entire regime and had great results. From the eye cream to the serums, everything seemed to make a difference in my skin.  It was brighter, softer, and seemed to turn back time giving me a younger appearance.  Fast forward to 2016 and I am still using all of their products and enjoying the fantastic results.  As I approach 40 (like in a few days) I am thrilled with the way my skin looks and feels.  

I am so excited to have finally found some skin care that I love, is affordable, made in the USA, all natural, and works! All of these products feel so good going on and don't leave you feeling like you have a ton of product on. Your skin feels light and soft and beautiful! I have even noticed a sun spot that has gotten lighter after using these products! I love it so much I have been carrying it in  my shop for the last 4 years and have turned many people onto it.  If you are like me and looking for an all natural affordable skin care brand, give Mad Hippie a shot!  And let me know what you think!